Undulating green roof in Amsterdam

The former industrial zone east of the city of Amsterdam is the location of the new “Het Funen, Hidden Delights” development. NL Architects designed 10 houses, each with an undulating green roof that provides each unit with access to a green area. The roof height varies from 9 to 18 meters (30 to 60 feet). The third floor is split in height, 50 percent of which is garden and the other 50 percent housing. The building is 30 meters long and offers spacious and diverse housing units, which is rare in housing design. The main access is located in the middle of the block while the undulating roof maintains a compact overall appearance. With its half floor, Funen Block K reminds us of the half-floor situation in the movie “Being John Malkovich”, except NL Architects’ design looks like real-estate heaven.


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