The Poppy Rose

The Poppy Rose is a new rose created by Lens Roses. This Moschata has single, dark red flowers that remind of the flower of Poppy, that has become the symbol of World War I thanks to the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’, written by the Canadian physician and soldier John Mc Crae.

It is a bush growing up to 100 cm of height, and blooming throughout summer. The stamens spread a light herby scent. Remarkable is that the young leaf is brownish, and gradually becomes dark green while it ages. A peculiar dark red hue that has never been seen in this group of Hybrid Moschatas.

The Poppy Rose is sold for humanitarian purposes: it is an initiative of Rotary Ypres and Lens Roses, in favour of vzw Apopo, a Belgian NGO and social organisation, with headquarters in Tanzania. Apopo trains rats, which have a well-developed sense of smell. These rats are deployed in different countries to trace land mines and screen tuberculosis

Do you wish to buy the rose, contact the initiative via [email protected].


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