Streetlife in Amersfoort

A series of green benches, Hug a Tubs with tall bamboo and spacious Beethoven Benches combined with CorTen Tree Grids have been realised in Amstelveen’s central square (NL). These new Streetlife elements blend beautifully with the surrounding high-quality architecture. The Hug a Tub configurations can be easily changed: a convenient solution for this busy market square.

Beethoven Benches
Beethoven Benches have been placed at the edges of Amstelveen’s city square. The benches have a robust appearance and exude a distinct elegance, while the gracefully designed backrests provide pleasant support for both children and adults alike. CorTen Tree Grids have been applied in line with the extended bench configurations. The grids protect the growing space of trees and accentuate the edges of the square.

Seating with greenery
A lot of people find it pleasant to spend time in green areas. Shrubbery often provides shade and a sheltered or secure feeling. The Hug a Tubs have been playfully arranged in the market square, with the mobile system allowing for many different configurations which can be changed time and again to accommodate the square’s various activities. The large tree planters have been fitted with robust hanging benches that have been designed to blend with the Beethoven style. The Hug a Tubs and Beethoven Benches thus combine perfectly. To reinforce their coherence, Amstelveen has opted to powder coat both elements in an anthracite grey colour.

Streetlife offers a high-quality product range for landscape or urban design plans. Its products are not just for squares, shopping streets and parks, but are also suitable for green roofs and roof terraces. The Streetlife Collection comprises street furniture, tree products, bridges and decking materials. All products have a contemporary character and are innovative in design.

Designer and director Peter Krouwel leads the Streetlife design and engineering team, which uses the landscape or urban public space as the starting point for each new project. Streetlife’s collection is created in collaboration with landscape architects for projects in many European cities, including London, Manchester, Oslo, Stockholm, Dijon, Berlin, Ghent, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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