Rosa Barba Landscape Prize 2014 to Auckland

The winner of the 2014 Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize is the Jellico Harbourd and Silo Park on the waterfront of Auckland, New Zealand. It was designed by Taylor Cullity Lethlean of Melbourne and completed in 2011. The jury was impressed by how the project improved on a developer-driven master plan that was the starting point for the rather rough 1.8-hectare industrial site. To convince politicians not to demolish derelict industrial artifacts is one thing. But to convince them also to keep the fish trawlers and other uses in place instead of pushing them elsewhere for the benefit of hard-core real estate development and a touristic waterfront is something else. That would have taken away the very life out of the harbor.”

It is considered the biggest prize for landscape architecture in Europe. The prize is named for Rosa Barba Casanovas (1948–2000), who was an architect, urbanist, planner, and founder of the landscape architecture degree program at the Barcelona School of Architecture.

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