Hamburg plans to build public green spaces atop noisy Autobahn

The famous A7 Autobahn freeway is getting a green upgrade, as Hamburg just announced plans to build three new public parks on top of it. The 8,000-mile road network runs through Hamburg’s city center, dividing the east and west with noisy traffic. The plan, developed by the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, will see sections of the highway line topped with green roofs that welcome locals to enjoy the new lush landscapes.

Aside from breaking up the continuity of Hamburg, vehicles on the Autobahn tear through the city, kicking up dust, dirt, pollution and noise in neighborhoods surrounding it. As part of the forthcoming green network, which will create more parks and trails in the city, the government will build covers on three separate sections of the Autobahn that will turn the roads below into tunnels topped by three lush parks.

The project’s first steps will create a network of meadows, bike paths and community gardens accessible to the public. The redesign will cover 2 miles of the Autobahn, giving 60 acres of new green space back to the people of Hamburg.

Once developed, the new parks will also foster population growth by creating new quiet areas for homes to be built. The German government projects about 2,000 new homes can be built around the parkland.

The project is set to begin this year with the building of two autobahn covers, with a 2022 finish scheduled for the entire project.

Source: Fastcoexist

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