BT Flowercarpets / Wildflower Turf

BT Flowercarpets are the fastest way to establish a wildflower landscape. As a core product Wildflower Turf has been developed by the company using its unique ‘soil-less’ system growing method allows roots to establish five times quicker than conventional turf. Accurate seeding rates are crucial in the successful establishment of a wildflower meadow. BT Flowercarpets have been specifically developed to overcome these difficulties and offers a unique guarantee for the establishment of a wildflower landscape. The turf is made up of 34 UK native wildflowers and grasses, with a minimum of 50% wildflowers. Using only native plants that support existing flora and fauna, BT Flowercarpets will delight the eye and compliment landscapes in a range of diverse settings.

To produce this environmentally beneficial product, every effort is made to source sustainable ingredients, for example composted green waste and organic nutrients, as well as carefully monitoring all inputs such as electricity and water. The turf naturally produces a bio-diverse habitat supporting birds, mammals, bees, butterflies and other invertebrate species.
BT Flowercarpets

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