30 years at IPM enhances Laurica profile

Europe’s leading Laurel nursery report on an excellent IPM Essen. Laurica Plants celebrated 30 years as an exhibitor at Europe’s leading plant event.Director Marian Maenhoudt commented ‘ IPM was a fine show for us. This year we met a lot of customers from the UK, Germany, France, Holland…. and even Belgium!  At the show we discussed about the 2014 selling season where many clients were satisfied with their plant sales levels.’

‘Spring 2015 is close by and we expect strong sales of our material to continue.  On our stand we showed the main lines and also some bigger specimens. When showing the plants together with a nice special or big plant in a garden centre, it makes people dream about their tree, growing up, getting that big…. it’s all about perception!’

‘At the show, our customers can pick out the sizes they like to remember when ordering. The visual option at IPM makes buying easier than on paper or a screen! We now look forward to a new selling season, where we can once again offer high quality plant material at a competitive price!’

Europe’s premier laurel nursery have new owners. Elie and Sybiel Devisch have recently taken over the family run business in Jabbeke, Belgium. This retains full control for the Devisch family business which was established in 1968.

The Laurica Plants nursery will be managed by Elie Devisch and his wife, Marian Maenhoudt. This includes sales to wholesalers, garden centres and landscapers.

The Lauretum is where the bigger specimens are grown within the company’s showpiece! These older trees can be sold or rented out. The contacts for this are Sybiel Devisch and partner Tom Dierickx.


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